Wednesday, August 03, 2005

I Kicked

I thought I didn’t have anything today, that is until I read Blue Girl’s post, and what started as a comment turned into this…

I was severely addicted to the TV’s dissemination of the “Official Government Story,” but like the heroin addict who has been mainlining too long, who both loathes and loves his habit, I would kid myself saying, "I'm not going to watch it today! Not today!" and I would go through this panicky feeling, pick up the guitar for 5 minutes, check my e-mail for the 90th time, give the dog a treat then I would grab the needle, er, remote, and take my hit of putrid air. After a few minutes I would feel all dirty and such because even those nasty anti-American commie-liberals over at CNN would be spinning some obvious "Farquaad and Wormtongue just screwed us again” story to the right of Pat Buchanan and I would stand up and start yelling, "Liberal media my ASS! WHAT LIBERAL MEDIA? LIARS! LIE ERRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRS!" and the Viscountess would be look at me and say firmly and gently, "Will you turn that off already? You are going to give yourself a HERNIA, and me a headache…!"

DOH! I would feel like my dog after he got yelled at for trying to get into the garbage.

So we disconnected the cable in February this year and increased our Netflix membership to 4.

Best decision we made in a long time. Instead of surfing passed "Who Looks Like an Airbrushed Plastic Playmate but Wants to Marry A Trailer Trash Moron With No Teeth for A Lot of Benjamins, " and HannityO'RiellyScarboroughNovackCarlson spewing the official talking-points of the day just like all of the other minions of the plutocratic propaganda machine with this condescending and yet patronizing tone implying how lucky we are that they are so astute at wading through all of the liberal-lies that are rammed down our throats by Susan Sarandon and Sean Penn, and getting to the truth -----! Instead of being treated to THAT every night, we watch "Upstairs Downstairs," (which so totally rocks that I might one day have to evangelize about that for a few paragraphs!) "Star Trek TOS," (last night we saw the “Arena” with The Gorn which is freakin’ hilarious nowadays!) "Nova," and old movies like "The Bicycle Thief" and “A Trip to Bountiful,” and we get our news from all over the world via the net.

I admit though, that I miss the hell out of Jon Stewart and especially Lewis Black ranting, like the time when they had a clip of LaPierre on from the NRA, and he was trying to defend the bit about how guns had been sold to over 50 members of the CIA terrorist watch-list by saying, "What is a watch-list anyway?" and Black stopped the clip with that maniacal gleam of incredulity in his eye and his unkempt shirt and tie, surpassing even Peter Finch in “Network,” and he yelled "IT IS A LIST OF - KNOWN TERRORISTS - THAT THE CIA IS WATCHING!" and I turned to the Viscountess and said, "This is the damn real news now. It is all we got."

There is always a price, and “The Daily Show” is the one that was exacted on us. Still, about once a week we got the comedy central website and catch up.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Viscount!

I REALLY hesitated to call The Daily Show "Fake News" in my post. Because it is not FAKE at all. It is totally all true and presented in such a way -- that I am completely in love with all of them and want to get a job working for them -- even if it was for minimum wage and I had to run around and get Jon Steward coffee all day!

Getting away from the TV was great for 5 days. Really. I even discovered an author that I now love. (Anne Lamott) -- and I even finished the book already! Because I wasn't hooked on Hardball or blogging my nights away.

Old habits die hard and I'm in the middle of undoing one right now that's rather hard.

Maybe cutting off cable will come next. Who knows!

Can you watch The Daily Show on the Internet? If so, please remember to watch last night's show. (Aug 2) -- It was so hilarious, this bit about Bush appointing Bolton -- it'll put a smile in your heart for days as you keep remembering it.

10:37 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Me again. This is off-topic.

I just saw in your profile that you like Genesis. Me too! They are actually my favorite of all time.

Talk to me -- tell me everything you love about Genesis. (And what you don't like too -- I would guess, but don't wanna!)

Do a post!

10:44 AM  
Blogger The Viscount LaCarte said...


You can see hightlights of "The Daily Show,"

which I will check out tonight. Odds are the bits you mentioned will be there.

12:01 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Went without a TV myself a few years back and didn't miss it for the most part - but maybe didn't worry about it either as I knew I'd buy one at some point, which I did. Also went without cable for a time, instead catching only the local channels on an antenna. That didn't bother me either.

But that's easy to say since I now indulge in cable TV and I'm contemplating adding a DVR. This post may make me reconsider...

3:25 PM  
Blogger The Viscount LaCarte said...


I'm not evangilical about it you know? It works for me - what really had me annoyed was that the minimum cable service was about $50 a month, and for that we didn't even get Discovery Science let alone any of the "premium" channels. When I asked them if we could just get the local channels, they informed me that they don't offer that anymore.

So at that point I figured Netflix is about 23.95 a month for 4 discs at a time and so it made it easy.

4:18 PM  

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