Thursday, October 20, 2005

Welcome Soundsurfr

I met Soundsurfr in the 11th grade. I’m certain I’d seen him around, but it wasn’t until I found myself sitting next to him in Trig that I actually got to know him. For whatever reason, we connected almost immediately and have been the closest of friends ever since. Many of my political and religious ideas have their roots in conversations that we have had over the years. He is an electronic engineer by trade, but is also a fine musician, a technically adept audio engineer, wine enthusiast and sailor. Indeed, I can remember the day he told me he bought a sailboat, and I said, “A sailboat? Why not a motorboat?” Unlike, me, he is quite capable of the Mr. Spock eyebrow maneuver and only uses it when it is entirely apt. He lifted that eyebrow and said with that familiar gleam in his eye and wry grin, “If you’d ever actually been sailing, you’d know the answer.” Needless to say I was converted.

Of all the things that “Sound” is, to me more than anything else he is a scientist. He is unrelenting in his requirement for verifiable evidence of any claim made by any and all who enter into a debate. He is quick-witted and eloquent, and while he has mellowed with age, I think it is still safe to say that he doesn’t suffer fools for very long. He is just a little more merciful with them than he was in his youth.

It is with great pleasure that I direct you to Soundsurfr’s new blog. Please stop by and welcome him to the fray.


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