Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Quotes From R. H. Blyth

"Thus we see that the all important thing is not killing or giving life, drinking or not drinking, living in the town or the country, being lucky or unlucky, winning or losing. It is how we win, how we lose, how we live or die, finally, how we choose. We walk, and our religion is shown (even to the dullest and most insensitive person), in how we walk. Living in this world means choosing and the way we choose to walk is infallibly and perfectly expressed in the walk itself."

"Perfection means not perfect actions in a perfect world, but appropriate actions in an imperfect one."



Blogger Neil Shakespeare said...

"Walk". What a pretty word, walk. Like many, my walk is confined to the distance between the house and the garage. So if you want to know my religion, you'll have to look fast! Nice post, Al. Lot of thinkin' to be done. I may have to go for a walk. Most people, when they go for a walk, they're really going for a think, aren't they?

4:24 PM  

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