Tuesday, March 21, 2006

The Fatass Drug Addict's Words of Wisdom

I have an RSS feed to Media Matters, and this caught my attention.

"[A]nytime an organization has the word 'peace' in it, throw it out. It's just a bunch of long-haired, maggot-infested, dope-smoking, FM peace-types that have an agenda."

- Rush Limbaugh

How many ways is that wrong? Throw out any organization with the word “Peace” in it? Does this include any organization that subscribes to the teachings of the “Prince of Peace” or Mahatma Gandhi?

“Pot smoking?” I guess in order to have a credible opinion in that idiot’s world you have to abuse something harder.

“Peace types that have an agenda?” Yeah, you know the type. People who think that organized maiming, killing, torture and destruction ought to be avoided should be held up for ridicule.

Funny, but the people who are most often against peace have never been anywhere near a war.


A new Top 10 is out with a face-lift.


Blogger Kevin Wolf said...

How many ways is that wrong? Every which way.

How many names can we call Rush, accurately? Many many names: blowhard, jerk, liar...

9:33 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

They are with the exception of the WW2 vets and the Korea Vets. When I grew up they where the ones that bitched and complained about peaceniks that allowed Hitler to get so out of hand costing the world 58+ million lives. They also understood that restraint in war may seem honorable (and it can be) but it often comes with the price of making the US and allied troops jobs harder to do and life harder to keep. You had to go to ww1 and Vietnam vets to find people who say war is to be avoided at all cost. Most Vets I know and grew up with believe in being brave, being well prepared for war and being well willing to go to war as the only way to avoid war. These are the men and some women who keep America the safest place to be in the most destructive century known to man kind. What ever you feel about this war you can be right and a good person if you appose it but saying that war vet + dove and draft dodger + hawk is in my opinion simply laughable and very wrong.

2:33 PM  

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