Saturday, February 10, 2007

I'm (almost) With Matthews on This

In case you missed it, Chris Matthews had a slip-o-the-tongue on Imus earlier this week. I'm with him on that bit.

We have been at the point since about 2003 that unless the Democrats are running an obvious crook like Traficant against a decent sort like Gerald Ford, we simply must vote for the 'crat. The Republicans have made such an awful mess in order to solidify the Oil Mafia and establish a new Plutocracy. They must be stopped.

That said - we could do (and indeed have done!) worse than Giuliani. At least he cleaned up NY City beyond anyone’s expectations that lived there in the mid-80’s. Not that I completely agree with his methods – I don’t. But he did something. And he showed up at ground zero.

Who thinks that Bill Clinton or Al Gore would have ran and hid on 9/11 like Bush did?

[Thanks again to C&L for posting the clip.]


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