Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Coincidental Quotes

"What a Coinky Dink!"

"Education is dangerous - Every educated person is a future enemy"
Hermann Goering

As people do better, they start voting like Republicans - unless they have too much education and vote Democratic, which proves there can be too much of a good thing.
Karl Rove

Somebody gets to be smart and somebody gets to be dumb. If we win, it'll be because of the president. And if we lose, it'll be because of me.
Karl Rove

"The most brilliant propagandist technique will yield no success unless one fundamental principle is borne in mind constantly - it must confine itself to a few points and repeat them over and over"
Joseph Goebbels

"If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it. The lie can be maintained only for such time as the State can shield the people from the political, economic and/or military consequences of the lie. It thus becomes vitally important for the State to use all of its powers to repress dissent, for the truth is the mortal enemy of the lie, and thus by extension, the truth is the greatest enemy of the State."
Joseph Goebbels

"See, in my line of work you got to keep repeating things over and over and over again for the truth to sink in, to kind of catapult the propaganda."
George W. Bush


Blogger Sticky said...

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1:33 PM  
Anonymous blue girl said...

I've always thought a very bright light bulb went off for Karl Rove when O.J. was found not-guilty.

Just keep sayin' it and sayin' it -- and there's going to be a certain portion of the population that will agree and defend the indefensible.

But you're right. He probably learned it from Joseph Goebbels.

Johnny Cochran probably did too.

3:58 PM  
Blogger The Viscount LaCarte said...

Sounds like a bit of both!

4:43 PM  
Anonymous blue girl said...

Yeah, Bush&Co. -- the Dream Team who know the ultimate defensive moves, while our fearless leader has the verbal skills/redudancy of Dustin Hoffman in "Rain Man."

Lance Mannion has a good post up about Bush skating by here:


This is going to be such an obvious thing to write, but! How did this guy become President of the United States? How in the HELL did that happen?

I do not acknowledge him anymore. I have no respect and I continue to fear for our country.

7:40 PM  
Blogger fuckstick2020 said...

Oh that makes me hate Karl Rove more than ever.

Have you ever seen that episode of American Dad where Karl Rove helps the dad win the Deaconship at church. That is quality stuff.

9:08 PM  
Blogger The Viscount LaCarte said...


Check out this old quote I dug up:

You know I could run for governor, but I'm basically a media creation. I've never done anything. I've worked for my dad. I worked in the oil business. But that's not the kind of profile you have to have to get elected to public office."
-- George Bush 1989

Bunch more here:


LNF: Never saw it. Gotta give the devil his due though. He took a decorated candidate who served with honor and convinced people he was a traitor, and took a spoiled rich frat-boy who used connections to get into the guard and skip Viet Nam, didn't show up his last year of obligation and convinced people he was a hero.

7:34 AM  

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