Thursday, September 15, 2005

All Ted All The Time

A guy, who is more or less cynical and apolitical walked into the break-room this morning and said, “I hate Ted Kennedy.” He went on to tell me about Ted not letting Roberts answer his questions. I asked, “How did you know about this?”

“Ummm, you know I don’t believe what these guys say, but I think it was on Hannity’s show.”


Can you see it?

Cheney: “We’re screwed. What do we do now?”
Rove: “No sweat. Two words. ‘Ted Kennedy.’ ”

Has anyone else noticed that people are talking about him? It seems now that the two-idiot format morning radio shows, the Limbaughciles, all of them are attacking Ted. In unison. A couple days ago I mentioned him, but the pattern had not emerged yet. Look, he is an easy target, a definite liability to the progressives. No argument from me. But that isn't what this is about at the moment. It is about the tactic of getting the masses to focus on something unimportant but divisive, diverting attention away from crucial issues that are either being bungled or worse, exploited.

This is the same thing they did during the last leg of the second coronation of Lord Farquaad. We were in a war, we had a horrendous terrorist attack on American soil, an increase in poverty, job losses, a surplus became a defecit, millions of Americans without health insurance, and people all over the place were talking about “Gay Marriage.”

If we want this to stop, we have to refuse to play. I told that guy flat out, “The reason you are talking about this is because Bush’s numbers are in the toilet. They don’t want people focusing on the real issues. They own most of the media and are using it to get you talking about something other than their atrocious mishandling of Hurricane Katrina.” At the moment of saying this, I'm sure he thought I was a bit off, but I think he will remember that I said it, and will check it against what he observes.

We do what we can.

We’ll see if I’m right, but I predict that the next couple of days are going to be, “All Ted, all the time.”


Howard Dean on Hannity and Colmes.

Alan: You've said that President Bush doesn't care about all of the American people, and you've said something similar about Judge Roberts--that he may love the law but doesn't necessarily love the American people. Do you ever have a concern about rhetoric that you may put out like that, that may be more divisive than uniting?

Howard: I think it's true. I think it's time somebody told the truth. The president said he was a uniter, and turned out to be the most divisive president probably in our history, except perhaps before the Civil War. This is a divisive president, and he got there by not telling the truth. The truth is that there are a lot of people who it turns out, through no fault of their own, really got hammered in this, and they didn't get any help from the federal government. There are a lot of women, for example, who couldn't participate in sports. My wife didn't have equal access to sports; my daughter did. Judge Roberts wants to undo that according to his writings. I think that those things that I say are true, and therefore they need to be said. You can't fix something if you're not willing to point your finger at it.

Good articles on the difference between claiming to be a “Christian Nation” and behaving like one.
This just in from Xtcfan. Not a good thing.


Blogger XTCfan said...

Watched the Dean interview, and the thing that really struck me was what a lap-dog Colmes is. He even used the conservative marketing phrase "death tax" when talking about the estate tax (Dean made sure he called it the correct thing in his response).

Al Franken has a long, funny chapter in Lies, and the Lying Liars Who Tell Them about Colmes' complete domination by Hannity, but not having watched the show (I can't take it), I hadn't seen him in action until now.

3:27 PM  
Blogger Neil Shakespeare said...

I think the thing that really pisses off the Republicans is that Teddie refuses to die. How ironic is it that both of his (better) brothers die young and the Tedster goes on and on and on and on?

So whenevr the polls are going south on them they point at Teddy Kennedy.

"See?! See?! He has no liver and he's STILL alive!!! He MUST be the tool of Satan!!!

9:44 PM  
Blogger The Viscount LaCarte said...

>I think the thing that really pisses off the Republicans is that Teddie refuses to die.<

That alone almost makes me regret the fact that I count him as a liability.

>He even used the conservative marketing phrase "death tax" when talking about the estate tax <

Yeah, that angered me as well. Who else IS Fox going to put on? Imagine if the show was, "Hannity and Franken," or "Hannity and Stewart" or "Hannity and Marr?" They couldn't have THAT!

6:21 AM  
Anonymous blue girl said...

Hi Al!

xtcfan, Yes, that's a funny chapter. I especially liked how, everytime he writes about Colmes, it's in tiny, tiny type. Soooo on the mark.

Sean Hannity is an idiot. (doesn't really need to be said, but just can't help myself.)

Al, this is off topic -- but, I've got a GREAT story for you -- I was at a supplier's office -- people I've been dealing with for years, ultra-right wingers -- guess what one of the guys said? Get ready for this, cuz it's so crazy I can't even stand it.

He said the reason liberals *love* abortion is because it's their way of getting rid of black people. He said, just go into the black neighborhoods and ask them. That's what black people think. And he believes it's true also.


I'm like, WHAT??!! What did you just say??!! How do you know that? When have you ever been in a black neighborhood taking an abortion survey?!! And why do you think liberals *love* abortion??!! That is just plain weird and extreme. (I was ranting and raving -- you would've been proud.)

He and his brother went on and on with the most extreme language you can imagine.

I just kept answering with: I don't care what either of you say -- my entire goal in life to to defeat you. You MUST BE STOPPED!!~!!

11:36 AM  

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