Sunday, September 04, 2005

Let Them Eat Garbage

This is it. This is exactly it. This is what liberals have been talking about, writing about, worrying about, warning about, and screaming about. Progressive taxes may be “unfair” in principal to the wealthy class, but regressive taxes on the poor and little or no taxes on the rich mean suffering, disease, misery, and death for millions of people.

Low taxes on the richest people, on the big corporations do not make a stronger, better America. Do not create jobs. Do not empower the rugged individual.

Low taxes on the rich mean an infrastructure in a state of disrepair. They mean overcrowded, under-performing public schools. They mean a decline in access to healthcare for an ever-increasing population of an impoverished underclass. They mean an increase in crime.

Low taxes also mean a government ill-equipped to react to an emergency. It isn’t just the lack of funds. It is the lack of compassion. The lack of understanding. The indifference to suffering. Indeed, other bloggers have said it, and I agree. Since the time of Ronald Reagan, it has become fashionable in this country to celebrate the wealthy and to despise the poor. To blame the poor for being poor. To pretend that poor people are poor because they are lazy, and that all they need to do is pick themselves up by the bootstraps, spit in their hands and get to work.

America received a wake-up call last week. We were reminded that everyone couldn’t just hop in their cars, drive to another state and check into a Hilton to ride out the storm. Some people really don’t have a enough money for the barest of essentials. Some people have to choose between heat and gasoline so they can drive to work. Some people have to choose between medication for themselves and food for their children. It is obscene that in the richest nation of the world, people have become more concerned about the tax-burden of the wealthy than the suffering of the poor.


Jill, over at Ob-La-Blog has written a fine companion piece, titled "A Lesson in Poverty."


Blogger cali said...


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Anonymous blue girl said...

According to Frank Rich today, Bush told Diane Sawyer off camera -- "We don't need to raise taxes."

Their God is supply-side economics -- pure and simple. That is what they bow down to. And the only thing that matters.

Again, we are not in this together, we are on own own. That is their message in every single action they take.

If Democrats (and where are they, by the way?) -- need a "message" right now -- if they need a "vision" -- they better just start talking about the basics. And educate people -- the ones who don't pay such close attention -- that Democrats believe in pulling together. We believe in the UNITED States of America. Where the Republicans believe "every man for himself."

Bush kept talking this week -- about "this part of the world." -- Did you hear him say that? Our president doesn't even talk about "Our Country" in a major crisis. Just "this side of the world."

Simply stunning.

11:41 AM  
Blogger Neil Shakespeare said...

Well, there's always the guillotine! They had "gated communities" back in the old days too, you know. One of them called 'Versailles'.

5:52 PM  
Blogger XTCfan said...

BG, you are exactly right. One of the great things about Clinton as an orator -- I remember this especially during the debates in '96 -- was how he would call for us to work together, how with concerted effort we could create a better for country for everyone.

Gawd, the Dems need another Clinton. There's no one right now, and it's simply turning people away from the political process. In a climate like this, hate-mongering, fear, lies, and appealing to our basest instincts will win every time.

4:59 PM  

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