Monday, March 13, 2006

Assorted Links

I am busy at work writing and assembling documentation, so I thought I’d share some interesting links I’ve gotten recently.

Talking Dogs. Are they really talking? I don't know, but it is a cute video.

Man juggles to Beatles Medley. I think this was taken down once before due to copyright infringement, so I hope you get to see it.

O’Reilly NOT engaging in personal attacks. What a shitbag.

Beautiful rendition of “While My Guitar Gently Weeps,” by Jake Shimabukuro.

The late great Mitch Hedberg on Letterman. My favorite comedian to come along in years. Figures that he had a drug problem. Why are all our heroes so imperfect?

Jill Sobule asks the same question here.

Jill Sobule, Robin Eaton

Why are all our heroes so imperfect
Why do they always bring me down
Why are all our heroes so imperfect
The statue in the park has lost his crown

William Faulkner drunk and depressed
Dorothy Parker mean, drunk and depressed
And that guy in Seven Years in Tibet turned out to be a nazi
The founding fathers all had slaves, the explorers slaughtered the braves,
The Old Testament God can be so petty

Paul McCartney jealous of John, even more so now that he's gone
Dylan was so mean to Donovan in that movie
Pablo Picasso cruel to his wives
My favorite poets took their own lives
Orson Welles peaked at 25, ballooned before our eyes
and he sold bad wine

Heard Babe Ruth was full of malice
Lewis Carroll I'm sure did Alice
Plato in the cave with those very young boys
T.S. Eliot hated Jews, FDR didn't save the Jews
All the French joined the resistance after the war
Raymond Chandler drunk and depressed
Tennessee Williams drunk and depressed
Think I'll just get drunk and depressed.

And finally, the Democratic Underground reminds us that there is no shortage of Conservative Idiots.


Blogger XTCfan said...

What a shitbag.

I do believe this use of profanity is a first for you, Monsieur le Viscount? (Not that it's not merited...)

9:16 AM  

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