Thursday, May 11, 2006

I Defy You To Find A More Depressing Song

As depressing?


Some really great art came out of this man. I love this record, in spite of the darkness.

The Tears Of Audrey (listen)
By Kevin Gilbert
From "Thud"

Audrey's donning her black dress again
A dress she always plans to wear
"It's over" - she says it softly over
"I'm all alone"

She does not listen to the eulogies
She gives no credence to her pain
"From now on I'm through with love
From now on I will not love again."

There are no hearts to mend
There are no prayers to send
There's no reason why
There's no need to cry for the sadness of it all
There are no dreams come true and there is no care
Let the world beware should the tears of Audrey fall

She carefully polishes her heart of stone
She deftly sculpts her feet of clay
"I'm no one and none can touch me
No one . . . it's easier this way."

Is it so unfair?
Let the world beware
Should the tears of Audrey fall

So now she's shutting all her windows tight
And now she's closing all her blinds
"How can I believe in light
When darkness is all around?"


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