Thursday, August 03, 2006

All Fall Down

I read the news today oh boy...

I'm so sick of religious fanatics, stupid, selfish power hungry politicians, an ignorant and fearful electorate and greedy, morally corrupt corporatists hellbent on destroying the planet.

So, strike up the music and we'll all fall down.

All Fall Down (listen)
From Thud
By Kevin Gilbert

I guess this is it.
Time for what's been called the finale
And this one comes as no surprise
One of a kind, you'll never see this anywhere else, friends,
Sort of brings a tear to your eye
So be watching closely and you'll be impressed
An order is given and a button is pressed
Then a light that is blinding and a sound that is shrill
Don't blink or you'll miss it, it's the end of free will

So turn the radio up and pass the bottle round
And then we'll have one more drink before we all fall down
I'll wear my favorite tie, you can wear your wedding gown
And then we'll both look real sharp when we all fall down

Look at them now, drawing little lines with their speeches
Each daring the other to cross
It won't be long now, one will make a stand he believes in
Believing it's well worth the cost
Then the other gets angry refuses to budge
Fueled by some understandable grudge
And now we wait quietly till the missile arrives
There's no need to shout about the end of our lives

So bring your friends now, and we'll laugh at all the clowns
Who think there'll be a better world when we all fall down
And we can sing this song, we'll make a joyful sound
We'll be singing na na na when we all fall down

Buildings and bridges all leveled to the ground
Cities and nations and we just stand around
Someone unlocked the big cage
and the beast cannot be found

So strike up the music and we'll all fall down.


Blogger Bobby Lightfoot said...

Contribute a idea to Th' Bobby Lightfoot Memorial Political Activism Knowledge Repository, baby!

We're taking it back, man. Smash the state.

Or at least bitchslap it real hard.

4:50 PM  

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