Friday, February 23, 2007

This Weekend at New Critics

Somehow, Tom Watson had this crazy idea that my opinions about pop culture might be relevant beyond this road less traveled blog.

Who was I to argue?

I've been more or less contributing to the New Critics blog for the last couple of weeks, and I have to say it is a fun place to be. I say more or less because I've had to rely on my archives for about 50% of my contributions. I'm going to come out now and say my new job blows like Katrina, and between the long hours and the stress of being away from my lovely wife and my very cool kids, I've had trouble keeping up with my blogging. I've been working hard to remedy this situation, and hopefully that remedy will be dispensed in the next couple of weeks.

This weekend Blue Girl and Tom have cooked up a scheme where a bunch of us are going to post about the Oscars past and present, followed by live coverage of the Oscars courtesy of BG. As Tom says over at his place:

The Academy Awards are more about celebrity than film-making these days, but they do force the collective consumer consciousness to focus once a year on the "best" of the movie business. Best, of course, in a subjective, in-the-monent manner. Best in terms of - often - of popularity, and politics, and box office. Fresh off our wild night covering the Grammys, the newcritics crowd will be live-blogging the Oscars this Sunday - but we'll also be putting together a package of special commentary on Oscar moments past and present, favorite films and actors and directors. And a personal story or two. Our host, of course, is the prolific one-liner diva Blue Girl. As Lance Mannion says, we're a bunch of "hipsters, aesthetes, effetes, artistes, critics, and pompous know-it-alls.." Well, yeah - self-proclaimed culture critics. No engraved invitations. No monkey suits. Heavy on the banter. . It's gonna be a a blast.


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